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Our Colloidal Silver is a very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal that can be safely used on infants to seniors. May be used topically and internally, and is all natural and chemical free. The only ingredients in our Colloidal silver are pure steam distilled water and 99.99% silver. It is an almost clear liquid that tastes like distilled water and is non toxic.
The human body needs silver!
Silver has been used for centuries. Greeks and Roman societies used silver flasks and silver plates. Kings and Queens knew that using silver would keep them free of sickness and diseases. The wealthy class always sought after silver; not because it was shiny but because it was effective at keeping them in peak health. We all need silver! The human body is .001% silver. Silver is a trace mineral that humans used to get from the soil. Plants would uptake silver from the soil and people would eat the plants. Modern soil has been used so heavily that the silver content is not there anymore. A deficiency in the human body can develop if your not getting enough silver.
How it Works!
Colloidal silver is known to kill over 650 disease creating bacteria, fungus( including yeasts), viruses, and parasites. It suffocates the pathogen by cutting off its oxygen supply. These pathogens are deprived of oxygen and die off. The pathogens do not develop a resistance to silver like you see in antibiotics used today. MRSA, SARS, and Avian flu are just a few "super germs" that will never develop a resistance to silver like they have to antibiotics.
In our daily lives we take advantage of the germ fighting properties of silver without even knowing it. From ancient civilizations to use in ultra modern high tech filtration systems silver has been used to protect against diseases and illness.
Early pioneers would drop a silver coin in their water and milk buckets to guard against germs.
Liquid silver is used by doctors as eye drops in newborn infants to prevent blindness.
Doctors use silver infused pads for burn victims as a wound dressing to fight infection and speed healing.
Modern airlines use silver water filters.
The NASA space shuttle uses silver water filters.


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